The Big Easy: A food tour of New Orleans

Morning Call

Morning Call, better than Cafe du Monde

There are so many reasons I can give for not having posted recently, but I think I’d rather let pictures do the talking. New Orleans is an amazing city. Amazing people. Amazing architecture. Amazing foooooooood.

I see you....

Sha Sha Sha Shuga Shaka!


The Fly

Gator Soup - Delicious and spicy!

Gator Po'Boy

Gator Po'Boy

Snow Ball!

Pinapple and Candy Apple


The men

Cajun oysters

Duck Confit - Boucherie

Daquiris - Come on, we had to!

Crawfish boil!

As I went through my pictures upon my return, I got excited to go visit all over again for my best mate’s wedding next summer, just to experience more of it. I also realized, I ate a whole lot more than I took pictures of! Man, the things you forget to do when you are hungry and have quintessential Cajun and Southern food in front of you. Just remember, even though they aren’t pictured, to enjoy the best oysters, ever, follow these steps: go to Acme Oyster House: order chargrilled oysters; stuff your face; realize you need more; order second round; repeat. 🙂 We had wonderful hosts. What can we say.
Thanks J + E

Any advice on something we might have missed?


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One Response to The Big Easy: A food tour of New Orleans

  1. endsleyphoto says:

    You’re welcome anytime! We had fun hosting you- you captured the food experience well in your photos. Almost any gathering down here is centered around food, as I am sure you saw, so I am glad New Orleans made its way into your blog. I think it is fitting with your theme! Miss you lots!

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