About: Self-Porclaimed Food Nerd

Food. It connects everyone. It creates cultures, experiences, emotions, and environments. It makes people happy, and is 100% “to each their own”.

What can I say. I love the stuff and the cultures that have emerged around it, since, well, ages ago! So let’s have a chat. I share with you a bit of what I have learned, and love about food and its ways, you share with others so they too can discover its wonders, and we all can blissfully experience, enjoy, appreciate and treasure our time spend with that good stuff: food. Oh, and drinks, can’t forget the drinks. I hope to get to chat with a few folks I love, make a few friends that love food and sharing it with people as much as I do, and ideally…. it would be superb to figure out my writing style, voice, and passions while I’m at it. Learn a little about myself here. Share my experiences, trials, tribulations, and journey with about the stuff I like too. That would be great as well. Bear with me 😉

A city kid (Midwest born and bred, with a bit of Euro and West coast influence in the pot), that has an incredible Austrian baker and cook  – and role model! – for an Oma (grandma, for you non-Germanic language folk), a Mom who made her own baby food(!) and a Dad that snuck ground pepper into meals to teach his kiddies to love the spice, it was inevitable, I was going to love all food. So too came about being a self-proclaimed city guide nerd – especially when it comes to the odd restaurant, shop, cafe, neighborhood, and historical landmark – I travel, I wander, I want to show everyone what a local loves about a place (and its food!!!!). To sum it up (not my forte people, look at this bio! I am a novelist, not a summarizer)… I am  a  traveler, baker, cook, slow food advocate, runner, road biker, hiker, walker, photographer, ceramicist, adventure seeker, food experimentalist, city dweller (and lover!), list-maker…oh dear, look what just happened there. Needless to say you might have noticed already, I’m a bit chatty. Well, I guess a wee bit quirky. Maybe… I should leave some of me to mystery…

My nights and weekends are spent sweltering away in my kitchen, being outdoorsy(camping!!!!), and exploring my city and places I visit with the Brit (what a sport he is, dealing with a girlfriend that goes to bed with cookbooks, food mags, blogs, and travel guides). The marketing industry is where I currently spend my daylight hours, click-clacking away at my computer, while mentally preparing to cook, bake, or experience my next food revelation on my breaks. Alas, there’s a huge part of me that is looking for how I can combine that with my ultimate dream job: International Food Writer, Stylist, Cookbook Extraordinaire, and Reviewer. Hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two here on my own to do just that – and from the many blogs, books, columns, and good times spent over a great meal – that inspire me every day to pursue my passions.

Wow. Now for the real point, after my rambling, which is another thing that should be in that list up there…

Lets get cooking, baking, eating, hiking, refueling, and writing!

Heather Kuta


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