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Winters Call for Curries

When its cold, the wind whips through your drafty San Francisco windows (and let’s be honest, under the doors and through any other possible place it can through an extra-mature San Francisco Victorian) all you want, is a curry (well… … Continue reading

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25 and still alive: Kahlua + Baking = Cake

I will be the first to admit. I have been a slacker on my blog as of late. I will now proceed to blame it on my dire old age: of 25. My birthday came and went with the holidays … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Baking – Cherry Oat Scones

What do you do for Mother’s Day when you can’t bake for your own Mother since she is THE Best Floral Specialist in all of the Midwest? Well, you send her a lovely text or two at the crack of … Continue reading

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Duo Restaurant – Denver – Or trio in my case

It’s complicated dating a British – moved to Wisconsin, then to Colorado, and now finally landing in San Francisco – guy. Totally worth it. However, add that to a three parent (and superbly loved!!!) family of my own, and we have a … Continue reading

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